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A Peculiarly English Genius  - volume I of a new biography of Richard Jefferies by Andrew Rossabi is now available (Petton Books: 6 November 2017). Volume I (of three volumes) covers the early years (1848-1867) and extends to 800 pages. The book is published in hardback with a green wibalin cover and can be purchased here.

Please go to this website to view and purchase other publications produced by the Richard Jefferies Society. The offers apply to UK postage only.

A mail-order form with a list of publications and prices can be downloaded here


Some pamphlets related to Jefferies' birthplace can be downloaded here:

Coate and Richard Jefferies - by historian, John Chandler 

In the Footsteps of Richard Jefferies - a walk around Coate Water 

Richard Jefferies' Old Town, Swindon - a walk around Old Town

In the Footsteps of Richard Jefferies - a tour of Wiltshire and Oxfordshire

Walks in Jefferies Land by Kate Tryon


Phyllis (Jefferies) Hargrave letters to Samuel J Looker. These have never been published but can be downloaded here. Phyllis was Richard Jefferies only daughter.


A list of Jefferies' complete published works can be downloaded here albeit some articles are not fully attributed and some, indeed, are incorrectly attributed.